A project to stimulate and exchange Ten Principles-related art

ArtJump is a funding project with which we celebrate and stimulate art and the European exchange of art, related to the Ten Principles of Burning Man. By providing transport grants to -existing- Burn-inspired art, we hope to enjoy more participatory art all around Europe. Our dream for the future is to increase civic involvement with local communities and let them share in all this beautiful innovative art.

For this year (2017), we will start with exchanging between Burn-inspired events – and your art can be part of this!

ArtJump grants

The name tells it like it is: it is a jump(start) for getting your art into Europe. Hence: the ArtJump. No rocketscience about that, folks. OK, seriously now.

ArtJump grants are designed to specifically cover a fixed amount of transportation costs for existing art pieces. The grants will allow you to take your (existing) art on a tour through Europe, so that you can show off to more people and reach a bigger audience. Yay!

An official and international jury panel (consisting of Burning Man-related, creative and respectable individuals) will examine all proposals very thoroughly and eventually choose 2 of the grants:

  • One grant for up to 2500 Euro
  • One grant for up to 1250 Euro

The 3rd. worth up to 1250 Euro will be reserved for ‘the people’s choice’. More info on that will be coming your way soon(ish).

Amongst the jury members are:
Stephanie Pecoste, Art team Nowhere
Ian Beaverstock, Independent artist and consultant: built a temple at BRC.
Ifat Golan,  Art team and board member Midburn
Daniella Rubinovitz, Art team Burning Man Netherlands

Apply for a grant

Did we mention already that anyone who meets the parameters, can apply for an ArtJump grant for their (existing) art piece or performance? Well, now we did. You can read all about the process and parameters here or watch the explanatory video on the right. Listen very carefully, it will be explained to you only… well. As often as you hit the replay-button. Once you made sure your art fits the requirements, register your art here before March 15 2017, 11 am (GMT+1).

(Contribute to the) Auction

You can contribute to the funds yourself! How? Well, by auctioning of your art on our Art Jump auction. This is a finger-licking playground for art-lovers and Burning Man-addicts :), where people can bid on (your) awesome artpieces or performances or other just really cool stuff. It’s a silent & digital auction that provides funding for the Burning Man NL ArtJump grants.  The auction will be finalized at the ArtJump mixer at April 1 2017. So yes please, donate art and bid at the auction as this will determine how stimulative we can be towards the art and artists. And we want it to be VERY stimulative ;-)!

Yes I will provide art for the auction >

April 1: finale

We honor the artists and bring a live ending to the silent auction, present the grants and join together in creativity and high spirits on our free ArtJump mixer on April 1 at Blijburg aan Zee from 8.30-10 pm, followed by the Equinox Spring Party (10 pm – 3 am) (limited but free ticket).