Saturday March 31, 2018

ArtJump FUNdRAISER 2018

Date: Saturday March 31st
Time: 20:30pm till 03:00am

ArtJump FUNdRAISER 2018

ArtJump is the art-funding project with which Burning Man Netherlands celebrates and stimulates art and the European exchange of art. This grant provides the transport of existing Burn-inspired art to other local burn events.

Last year three creative and inspiring artists were awarded with funding that enabled them to share their art across Europe. And this year? We are doing it all over again!

Artists that want to take their (existing) art project on a European Tour can apply for an art grant untill March 15 through this form.

The Grant Final of the ArtJump 2018 will be held on Saturday March 31st. It will be an eve full of great music, (inter)national connections, celebration of art and artists with an exiting finale with a live auction and the presentation of the ArtJump Grants 2018.

Get involved in the Artjump

Next to announcing the winners of the ArtJump-grant, a special auction will be held where amazing gifts will be auctioned to the highest bidder. All proceeds will go to the Burning Man Netherlands Art Fund.

Anybody (that means you too) can enter something into this auction, whether its art, burner inspired gear or unique personal gifts. All proceeds will go to the ArtJump fund.


There is no FUNdRAISER without FUN people, so get your tickets now. The ticket price is voluntary based, so you decide what you want to contribute to the Burning Man Netherlands Art fund. You can choose to donate €10,- €25 or €50,- . All proceeds from this ArtJump FUNdRAISER go to this fund to supports (inter)national art.

Do you want to be present at the ArtJump evening? Get your ticket here!


With an evening where art is at the heart of everything, there are many ways to participate and share your thoughts, ideas & magical skills. Think of:

Questions: Please contact