Event Membership

[updated information – January 2018:

all event memberships have come to an end at Dec 31. 2017 ]


Become a member: 

Why become an event member? 

The Burning Man NL Event Membership exists to protect the quality of the Burning Man core principles and ethos during our events, and thereby improving the experience for YOU! This includes protection of the legal status of our events and protection from ticket scalpers. Though Burning Man Netherlands is a non-profit organization and it is fully run by volunteers, it has annual organizational costs, such as office expenses, insurance, financial and legal advisory fees. Remaining revenues from Event Memberships benefits our BM NL Art Fund.

What you get:

  1. As an event member you donate to the Burning Man Netherlands community and have exclusive access to ticket sales of all our events. No membership = no tickets = no event entry! Please note that Event Membership does not guarantee you tickets; it only entitles you to buy tickets when they become available. It’s still possible that you cannot buy tickets for BM NL events if the event has sold out, even if you are a member.
  2. You will have the opportunity to register one extra person as a guest for any Burning Man NL event.
  3. Grants and/or group tickets can be obtained when needed for your theme camp or performance, when it has been acknowledged by the event community or the organization as contributing value to the event experience.
  4. Our quarterly newsletter will keep you informed about our regional civic initiatives, events and activities.

Events of Burning Man Netherlands exist solely by the artistry, creativity and radical participation of the community, existing of people of all ages. To ensure and protect the quality of the Burning Man core principles and ethos during our events, we have chosen to grow the community organically. Just Like our big brother in the United States, which started small on a San Francisco beach, we too shall begin small in the Netherlands.

Event members make an essential contribution to our organization, which enables us to organize events like Decompression, Art Gala and Summer Events like Where the Sheep Sleep. But Event Membership does not guarantee you tickets; it only entitles you to buy tickets when they become available.

To show our gratitude to everyone who already became a member early in 2016, we extended membership for them with an additional year so it will be valid untill December 31, 2017. That gives all members the opportunity to obtain tickets for all our coming events.

This because we welcome all creatures that support Burning Man and our core principles!


Burning Man exists solely because of contributions to and from our community. Whether these gifts are made manifest in funds, labor, artwork, or other forms, they are the fuel that powers our work in the world. As a culture we are devoted to acts of giving that are unconditional, and as individual contributors, we acknowledge that all such gifts are given freely, with no expectation of reciprocity or exchange. Each gives according to his or her nature and capabilities, and no one is entitled to special treatment as a result. No contributor, regardless of the magnitude of his or her gift or position, will receive preferential treatment or undue influence over the course of our actions in the world.