Friends of Burning Man Netherlands

Changing the Burning Man Netherlands Event Membership

[updated information April 2017]

The Event Membership was created with the start of Burning Man Netherlands as a foundation in 2016. It’s intention was not only to create funds for our year-round Art & Civic Involvement programmes, but foremost to protect the quality of the Burning Man core principles and ethos, the legal status of our events and protection from ticket scalpers.

The Event Membership hasn’t been without critique from within the Burning Man community and outside, and many of the expressed concerns were legit. But at that time, Burning Man Project and Burning Man Netherlands together believed it was the best solution to a challenging dilemma: to protect the quality and legitimacy of the Burning Man principles at our (Dutch) events.

Event Members receive newsletters and personal invites to get the first chance to buy tickets to our events. Without guarantee though, since we have more members than available tickets for most events. These Event Member benefits last until December 2017.

From Event Member to Friend of Burning Man Netherlands

Right now we are working on a new profile/community platform, where everybody can register (free of charge) – comparable with Burning Man or AfrikaBurn.

That means that with that new platform, the Event Membership program will be closed and changed into ‘Friends of Burning Man Netherlands’. As a friend you can donate to the BM NL Foundation to help carry out our mission and benefit the Art Fund. You will receive the quarterly newsletter as well. All gifts are appreciated from 5 euros and up. Burning Man Netherlands is a non-profit organization and it is fully run by volunteers, but it also has annual organizational costs, such as office expenses, insurance, financial and legal advisory fees. Event memberships will NOT automatically transfer to being a ‘Friend’. Everyone needs to (re-)register themselves if they want to become a friend. We will tell you more on this when we launch this new platform.

No one gains exclusive access to events or ticket sales anymore (former Event members nor Friends), since ticket sales will be opened up to everyone after the Event Memberships end in December 2017.