Where the Sheep Sleep 2017

This is your Save The Date!

We are happy to announce the definite date for Where The Sheep Sleep 2017! We know all of you have been very eager and patient (and thank you for that!), while we have been busy meeting with local authorities and communities to finalize locations and dates. Mark your calendars:

Where the Sheep Sleep 2017:
Gate opens on: Thursday 27th of July @3 pm
Exodus on: Monday 31st of July @12:00pm (noon)

Where the Sheep Sleep is an event that needs a lot of preps and planning. To help you out, here are additional dates to mark in your calendar, so you know what to expect:

  • April 21: Announcement of the location of Where The Sheep Sleep 2017.
  • May 1: Email with all the necessary ticket info to all of the BurningMan Netherlands Event Members
  • May 11: Start ticket sale for BM NL event members (max 2 tickets per person)
  • May 12: Opening of applications forms for artists, theme camps, performances, music and volunteers
  • May 18: Start open sale for wanne-be sheeps! (if ticket sales haven’t exhausted in Event Member sale)

In the meantime, the planning & organizing of such a great event is picking up pace  quickly. And with that we really mean FAST. Oh my, the things that need to be done before we can spend this fantastic weekend together!

Therefore we are looking for experienced and committed co-leads in the following area’s:

  • Project colead WtSS
  • Event colead WtSS
    Together with the Event Lead you are responsible for production of the event and working with all sub-teams (Art, Music and Performance; Communication; Infrastructure, Safety; Volunteers; etc.) to create and shape the event. May be mentored by Production and Admin Full-Year Team. Must have event experience! Role can be demanding, so you must be stress-resistant ;-).
  • Communications (co)lead WtSS
    Responsible for creating and executing communications and publicity materials and communication & publication plan with their team. Works in cooperation with the BMNL Comms-team, who can advise, support and train. Ideally has project management experience, social media and writing skills, familiar with software for e-newsletters (mailchimp) and cms (wordpress), and PR experience when working directly with media.

Events of Burning Man Netherlands exist solely by the artistry, creativity and radical participation of the community, existing of people of all ages. To ensure and protect the quality of the Burning Man core principles and ethos during our events, we have chosen to grow the community organically. Just like our big brother in the United States, which started small on a San Francisco beach.

Everybody who has bought a Event Membership will get the first chance to buy a maximum of 2 tickets, until supply runs out. If you do not have a membership, the open sale will start on 18th of May, but only if the tickets haven’t sold out already. Its no longer possible to buy memberships for Burning Man Netherlands. More on this here.

Our 2016 Summer Event Where the Sheep Sleep was awesome… Click here to visit the event page to relive some amazing memories!

There you find some official photos (credits: Huybert & Brenda) and the aftermovie (credits: Cameltown).

Burning Man is not a festival. It’s a catalyst for creative culture in the world.