Do’s and Don’ts

ID and age limits

Upon arrival all visitors should be able to present a valid ID and ticket. Different wrist bands will be supplied for visitors over 18  and under 18 (who are not allowed to drink any alcohol).

During the entire event period a valid ID should be carried and presented, as is the law in The Netherlands. The following documents are valid IDs: drivers license, passport, another official identity card


The camp sites need to be vacated and completely clean according to the Leave no Trace principle, the day after the event before 12:00 p.m. Exodus is expected to be busy, so start packing all your stuff timely and definitely before 10:00 a.m. Sleepy heads will be woken by the staff from 09:00 a.m.


Security is present on the entire premises, represented by voluntary supervisors and security. However we would like to emphasize to leave any valuables at home and to definitely not leave them in tents or cars.

Alcohol and smoking

It’s prohibited for visitors under the age of 18 to consume alcohol. In addition, it is prohibited for visitors aged 18 and older to give alcohol to visitors under 18 years. After a first warning, the second time will result in the removal from the site.

At the request of the Where the Sheep Sleep personnel, security or other authorized persons, visitors will submit a proof of ID, allowing the age to be determined. Visitors under 18 will receive a different wristband for easy recognition.

Smoking on Where the Sheep Sleep is only allowed outdoors. Indoor locations, such as inside buildings, tents and / or under canopies, are strictly non-smoking zones.

Visitors younger than 18 may not smoke at the event.

Refills e-cigarette

Sealed, closed refills for e cigarettes are only permitted with a maximum equivalent of 8 packs of cigarettes. This comes down to max 16 ml of liquid (plastic ) refills.

Any excess of this amount will result in the seizing of goods.

Seized goods

Non-Permitted items will be (temporarily) seized by the organization. When illegal articles or substances are found, security will be alerted and the visitor could be transferred to the police.

Drugs & medication

It is illegal by law to carry or trade illegal substances, such as drugs. Police and organization will perform check in luggage, cars, caravans and campers.  Additionally, other  mind enhancing substances (e.g. nitrous oxide) are not allowed on the premises.

Heavy medication, food and fluids necessary for the treatment of allergies or other diseases can only be brought in with a valid medical certificate.

Obstructive behavior

Obstructive and aggressive behavior, not contributing to the joined festivities are neither appreciated nor allowed. Nor is climbing on event terrain and infrastructure.

Projections/ moving lights & smoke machines

WtSS is organized in the middle of a nature reserve and we honor this with respect for the surrounding nature and local wildlife. Use of moving lights, projections and smoke machines are in principle not allowed. In extraordinary cases and after careful consideration, the organization could provide an exemption.

Vertical constructions

Would you like to build a vertical construction? Vertical constructions are allowed up to 2 meters Would you like to build higher than this, please contact the organization so that we can work out the possibilities within safety limits.


If It Wasn’t In By Your Body, Don’t Put It In The Potty. Portable toilets are provided and emptied regularly. Use these facilities only for their intended purpose, not for dumping garbage or gray water. Putting anything but human waste and one-ply toilet paper (2-ply is a big no-no) in the potties makes pumping nearly impossible. No tampons, trash or wipes! Control odors by putting the lid down. Do not dump gray water in the potties: doing so will fill them up too fast and result in disgusting toilets for everyone. Do not defecate or urinate on our playa; it is illegal and an unpleasant mess for everyone.

Burning Man is not a festival. It’s a catalyst for creative culture in the world.