How many can attend at “Where the Sheep Sleep”?
Approximately 750 people attended in 2016, but we expect to grow organically over the years so we will have more participants each year.

Where can I get an event membership?
The membership program is closed in April this year. It’s not possible to buy event memberships anymore. If Where the Sheep Sleep isn’t sold out, non event members can buy tickets in the main open sale which starts on May 18th.

The Event Membership program will be closed and changed into ‘Friends of Burning Man Netherlands’ after December 2017.

More information concerning the closing of the event member program here.

Is my ticket personal?
Tickets are personal and your real name needs to be in our system for you to attend. This a legal requirement that we need to follow. Anyone getting in to WtSS without their real name registered is a threat to the legal status of the entire event, and risk us getting shut down completely.

How many people can I get a ticket for?
Two. Everyone who receives a personal invite (as event member) has the opportunity to register one more person, providing there are still tickets left. Tickets are personal and you have to be able to provide names for both at the time of registration.

Can I transfer event tickets?
Yes. Allthough tickets are personal, and you will be checked in by name when you arrive at the gate, it is possible to transfer your ticket to someone else if you are not able to attend.

You will be allowed to resell your ticket(s) at face value until July 1 (4 weeks before the event), but gift a “ticket” until July 22 (1 week before). You can ask for the link to a registration form to change the name on the ticket.

Can I get free access through the grant process?
No. Only event participants can apply for Art Grants and other grants. You have to successfully obtain a ticket for the event first.

Do I need a parking or RV ticket too?
Yes. A limited amount of RV and parking tickets will be made available on a later moment. We also encourage all of our sheep to minimise their carbon footprint by car sharing and public transportations.

Where does the money of the ticket sales go to?
First, to cover some costs; rent, permits, power, toilets, safety arrangements and some other small things. The rest of the money will go towards Art Grants. As a member you will be able to apply for grants to cover expenses, and you will also be a part in deciding which projects get funded. When you have paid your fee, you can add your own project through a special form.

Can underage co-creators attend?
Children up to 12 years participate for free. Co-creators under the age 18 may only participate accompanied by a legal guardian.