Press & Media FAQ

About the event:

Q: When is the summer event in 2017?

A: July 27, 2017 – arrival from 3pm- untill July 31 at noon – exodus

Q: Where will the event be held?

A: at the Veluwe, a nature area in the mid-east of Holland (precieze locatie later bekend maken)

Q: How can people buy tickets?

A: when you are an Event member of BMNL, you will receive a personal email with instructions on ticketsales, which entitles you to obtain tickets in this first round. But it will not guarantee you tickets, you have to be quick! Ticketsales for event members are expected to open on May 10, 2017.

Q: How many tickets are available?

A: Burning Man Netherlands and therewith WtSS is a community driven experience, so we only have participants. In 2016 we had a maximum of 750 participants, of which some day participants, and we want to grow organically. There will not be day participation possible this year.

Q: Who organizes this event?

A: Burning Man Netherlands. This non-profit is an official Burning Man affiliate.


About press and media

Q: What can I do with my photo’s or footage from Where the Sheep Sleep (WtSS)

A: You can share them with your friends, family, and campmates. You can post them on a personal website or on your personal social networks, such as Flickr and Facebook. You can show them at a private party. You may also use photographs or footage taken at the event for your theme camp or art project fundraiser, as long as the project is intended as a gift for the Burning Man NL community at WtSS. You cannot post event photos or footage on a commercial website—including a business’s social network account—or a self-promotional portfolio website, nor can you sell them or place them on products for sale, such as prints or t-shirts.

If you want to share your imagery beyond your immediate network or with large audiences, or use your imagery professionally (such as editorially or in a book or film project), you will need to register with Burning Man NL. You may begin this process here.

Some common examples:

  • Posting images from the WtSS event on the Facebook account or website for your theme camp or art project—OK!
  • Using video footage from WtSS in connection with your theme camp’s Kickstarter campaign (if the funds will be used specifically for the camp’s operations at WtSS)—OK!
  • Selling or licensing images captured at WtSS, or objects including such images—NOT OK!
  • Filming a music video for a band or DJ—NOT OK!
  • Staging fashion shoots or otherwise using images in advertisements or promotions for a company, product, or service—NOT OK!

Q: What can I do if someone uses my media or a picture of me without my permission?

A: The Burning Man NL Communications Team is here to help you! The best thing to do is to first contact the site or organization yourself and let them know that either your copyrighted work is being used without your permission or an image of you is being used without consent and is in violation of the Burning Man Media Policy. If that does not work or you don’t get a response, you can contact with a link and information about the use of media. From there, Burning Man NL can assist you through a number of avenues, including reaching out to the site or organization with a comprehensive explanation of our media policy.

Q: How can Burning Man NL regulate press and media from the event?

A: Entering WtSS during Burning Man NL constitutes legal acceptance of Burning Man NL’s posted Terms and Conditions, including those regarding image use. The event is held on private land, the event permit designates the area as private/closed and a ticket is required to enter. This Closure Order means that Burning Man NL / Black Rock(s) Orange B.V. (BRO) has the right to authorize or deny any photography, videography, or audio recording at the event, and to require—as a condition of entry into the event—that Burning Man NL’s / Black Rock(s) Orange B.V. permission be obtained prior to making certain uses of the resulting images or footage. The Photo & Video Rights and Responsibilities apply to both personal and professional use of event imagery—regardless of who is recording and why, the expectation of respect for the privacy and other rights of participants and artists remains the same.

Q: Does Burning Man Own my photos/video/audio?

A: Burning Man NL shares copyright ownership of BRO media with the creator, and only for very specific reasons.  The Terms and Conditions with its “use of images” provide for that shared ownership so that Burning Man NL has the ability to take action if someone uses your media inappropriately or if the media is in violation of our basic values of consent, privacy, and decommodification. Burning Man NL will never use your images or video without your permission or without giving you credit. Our policies exist so that we can protect your rights as an artist and the privacy of individuals at WtSS.

Q: Will I be filmed on the event land, don’t they need my permission?

A: By entering an event like WtSS of Burning Man NL, you agree to the possibility of being filmed once inside. We strongly encourage photographers and videographers—professional and novice alike—to ask before shooting, and most professionals will also carry model releases. In addition, professionals have a legally binding agreement with Burning Man NL / Black Rock(s) Orange B.V.  to get case-by-case approval of anything they shoot before it is used commercially. For example, we do not approve pictures of nudity where the subject appears to be unaware of the camera.

Q: What if someone loves my personal photos or footage and suggests I enter a contest/gallery showing, or asks if they can use my imagery on their website?

A: You may contact Burning Man to seek approval for these uses by emailing