Where the Sheep Sleep

A Burning Man NL Summer Event - July 26 -30 2018


The Burning Man NL Summer Event

Where the Sheep Sleep July 26-30 2018


Where the Sheep Sleep 2018

Gate opens on: Thursday 26th of July @3 pm
Exodus on: Monday 30th of July @12:00pm (noon)

Burning Man NL Summer Event: Where the Sheep Sleep 2018

For the 3rd time in a row, Burning Man NL invites you to our summer event Where the Sheep Sleep.

From July 26th to 30th 2018, the lush green fields of the east part of Holland welcome you for a transformative weekend full of art, performances, music, creativity, connection and surprises.

Because it’s YOU who makes the event, we will soon open up all forms for applying your theme camp, art, temple, gate or other ideas so you can share anything you wish.

Stay updated here, or through our newsletter, facebookpage and eventpage.

In the meantime, the planning & organizing of such a great event is picking up pace quickly. Oh my, the things that need to be done before we can spend this fantastic weekend together!

As you know, the event is entirely driven by volunteers. So we need YOU to make this happen! Step up and change the game:

  • Communication (Co-)Lead and a Designer /DTP needed. Make sure people know what there is to know, educate, update, tease, attract and plan. Facebook, newsletters, website – it’s all in your hands. Please write comms@burningman.nl if you have the time and means to assist us.
  • Eventteam volunteers/(co-)leads, for Production, Theme Camps, Art, Performances, Music, Build, Gate/Greeters, Ticketing, LNT (Leave No Trace), Education, Info-hub, Rangers, Welfare… many options! Check them out. For all other volunteering shifts pre- and during event, Vroom will open up later this year to register.


Events of Burning Man Netherlands exist solely by the artistry, creativity and radical participation of the community, existing of people of all ages. To ensure and protect the quality of the Burning Man core principles and ethos during our events, we have chosen to grow the community organically. Just like our big brother in the United States, which started small on a San Francisco beach.

Burning Man is not a festival. It’s a catalyst for creative culture in the world.