A project to stimulate and exchange Ten Principles-related art

ArtJump is the Burning Man Netherlands art funding project with which we celebrate and stimulate art and the European exchange of art, related to the Ten Principles of Burning Man. By providing transport grants to -existing- Burn-inspired art, we hope to enjoy more participatory art all around Europe. Our dream for the future is to increase civic involvement with local communities and let them share in all this beautiful innovative art.

ArtJump grants

The name says it all: it is a jump(start) for getting your art into Europe. Hence: the ArtJump. No rocketscience about that, folks. OK, seriously now.

ArtJump grants are designed to specifically cover a fixed amount of transportation costs for existing art pieces. The grants will allow you to take your (existing) art on a tour through Europe, so that you can show off to more people and reach a bigger audience. Yay!

After the successful first ArtJump edition in 2017, we are continuing with this awesome annual initiative.


Who can apply?

One of the most recognisable aspects of ANY burn event, is the abundance of amazing and inspiring art. Burning Man Netherlands wants to support the artists behind these art pieces, to share their art with a greater audience across Europe.

Any artists with an existing art piece that is participatory and interactive, can apply. A professional (international) jury of dedicated burners and artists are given the daunting task of judging and grating the ArtJump awards.

Some small print does apply for the art that is entered, which you read here.

Ready to apply?

Do you want to be one of the artists that has a chance to go on a road trip with your art? Applications are due by April 30, 2020. You can check out all the entered artwork on the ArtJump website.

What happened last year?

An international jury panel (consisting of Burning Man-related, creative and respectable individuals) examined all proposals Burning Man Netherlands received until April 2019 very thoroughly and eventually chose 2 artists for the grants:

  • Propane Punk Circus: Inspirokracie
  • Cirkuliranje: Geister


The jury members were:
  • Bart Grob, chairman of the jury
  • Hampus Lindblad, Borderland
  • Ifat Golan, Art team and board member Midburn
  • Marijntje Schook, Dutch artist
  • Misa Rygrova, Meta Regional Committee Burningman

An introduction to the Art Jump 2017

The aftermovie of the Art JumpĀ 2017