ArtJump 2022

ArtJump 2022

You’ve just entered a place of endless possibilities. Welcome!

Burning Man Netherlands’ ArtJump stimulates and celebrates art and the exchange of art, under the guidance of the Ten Principles of Burning Man.

The ArtJump grant empowers artists to take their art on a tour through Europe and allows more Burners to experience their gift. Our dream is to enjoy more art throughout Europe, and your art can be part of this!

Present your existing, Burn-related art to the jury, to become eligible for the ArtJump grant, so you can share your creation at international Burn events.

An international jury will select and award the grants to the winning artworks/installations.

ArtJump 2018

Propane Punk Circus: Inspirokracie / Vojta Štulc – Foto by Jan Hromádko photography

Previous Art-jump winners

Grant Winners 2019

  • Propane Punk Circus: Inspirokracie / Vojta Štulc

Grant Winners 2018

  • ATM: Any True Meaning, by Emily Roberson McCoy & team
  • Space Dome, by Anton Boutkamp

Grant Winners 2017

  • Space Tunnel, by Amy Goodchild
  • Symphony of Fire, by Uwe Dobberstein & Peter de Man
  • The people’s choice: Rusty, by Ronald Duikersloot & team

What the FAQs

What does the ArtJump grant include?

The 2022 ArtJump grants are designed to specifically cover a fixed amount of transportation costs for existing arworks.The grants will go towards artists that will take their art on tour through (their selection of happenings) in Europe.
Each artist will bring their work to Where the Sheep Sleep 2022 and at least one other event in Europe. These events can be Burns, Burning Man inspired events, Maker Faires or other artistic endeavors.

Who can apply?

Any artist (including performers) can apply with an existing artwork.

How many grants will be awarded in 2022?

This year we plan to fund a minimum of 2 and maximum of 6 existing art projects.

What does it grant?

This year the total budget of €7,000 (Euros) is available for applicants.
You can apply for a transportation grant to a maximum of €3,500.
Note to artists: Ask only for what you need. The jury will take into account how your transport budget is related to your overall project and budget. A realistic budget will positively affect your chances of receiving a grant.

Who’s the jury?

The international jury – who all have their hearts and feet deep in Burning Man communities – will have the honor to make the grant selection.
Last edition’s jury:

  • Bart Grob, chairman of the jury
  • Hampus Lindblad, Borderland
  • Ifat Golan, Art team and board member, Midburn
  • Marijntje Schook, Dutch artist
  • Misa Rygrova, Meta Regional Committee, Burning Man

What will the jury be looking for?

The jury will judge each art application on the following parameters:

  • The art must be an existing artwork (including performances)
  • The art must already be in Europe
  • The art must be participatory. We define participatory as some/all of the following:
    • Art that is interactive
    • Art that prompts the viewer to act
    • Art that can be experienced in more ways than visually
    • Art that prompts people to interact with one another
    • Art that responds to participants and its environment
    • Art that causes people to reflect on the larger community
    • Art that challenges the viewers’ traditional perspective on art
    • Art that belongs to the public and exists for the benefit of all
  • The art will participate at Where the Sheep Sleep (23th June until 27th June 2022)
  • To receive the art grant, the artist must define which events (at least to 2 within one year/2022) you would like to bring your art to
  • The artist must have a practical transportation plan to and from the event(s)
  • Remember, these are Leave No Trace events
  • Shipping, event tickets, insurance and any other art-related logistics are the artists’ own responsibilities; the ArtJump grants only cover transportation costs
  • You must have a practical transportation plan to and from the events. 

How to apply?

To apply for a grant, you must submit pictures and a written description of your interactive or participatory art, as well as a description of your transportation plan to and from the events.
Please note: you are responsible for securing your own entrance ticket to each event you plan to attend with your art.

Send your proposal in a word or PDF document to

What’s the deadline for registering?

Applications are open until 30st April 2022 at 11:00 (GMT+1).
Grant applicants will be contacted by email and the winners will be announced 1st week of May

What is the jury process?

After 30th of April, when all applications are in, the jury will have a chance to review the projects. Based on the parameters mentioned above, the jury will score each application. In addition to the artistic parameters, the projects are also scored on feasibility.

What should be in my proposal?

ArtJump Grant Application

Project name (required)

Project summary (required). Please write a brief summary of your project. We’ll use this on the front page of the project’s description. Keep it short and sweet, up to 256 characters.

Group / Artist name

Website / Facebook page

Full description of your concept
Give a full physical and conceptual description, including interactivity and how it will fit into the Burner community. You’ve got 4,096 characters. Make them count.

Please explain how your art is participatory (based on criteria) in 250 words or less.

Please tell us which events you’ve already participated in and how.
Sell us the project in 250 words or less. Why are you the best person to receive this grant?

Tell us a story about your art in 250 words or less.

Please give us a detailed breakdown of transportation logistics and costs.
We want to make sure you’ve really thought this through. Grants will be awarded based on an expense overview and receipts for incurred/anticipated costs.

Anything else we should know?

Which of the following events do you plan on attending?
Please remember you must obtain your own tickets!

  • Where the Sheep Sleep (Obligatory)
  • BBB
  • Boa Vest (Swiss Burn)
  • The Borderland
  • Burning Bär
  • Crème Brulée
  • Kiez Burn
  • Latvian Burn
  • Microburn UK
  • Midburn
  • Nest
  • Nowhere
  • Schloss Schönburn
  • Urban Burn Stockholm – Do or Die 2020
  • Winter Wonderburn
  • Other: please tell us what we missed

Please include an image or up to three pictures of your art once your proposal is created!

Your personal details

Send your proposal in a word or PDF document to 

Applications are open until 30st April 2022 at 11:00 (GMT+1).