Where the Sheep Sleep 2018 Honoraria Program

Also this year the Burning Man NL Arts issues a small number of grants for the purpose of partially funding specific art projects for installation at the Where the Sheep Sleep event in the Netherlands. We look for work that stands on its own as physical, sculptural installation, independent of performances or activities, although these may accompany the installation.

If you’re interested in applying for funding for an art installation bound for the annual Where the Sheep Sleep event in the Netherlands, you must submit this form before July 10th2018. After submitting your work, you  apply for a grant by filling the Art Honoraria Program Application Form.

Below you will find our Burning Man NL Arts Q&A. Before scrolling down it’s important to know that making artwork for a Burning Man NL event in is challenging, due to the difficulties inherent in creating in consideration to the Dutch unpredictable weather, winds, and possibly rain. Read up on what it takes to attend, and make art for Burning Man NL here:

  • Read our Art Installation Guidelines
  • If you’ll be incorporating fire in your project, read our detailed Fire Art Guidelines.
  • At where the Sheep Sleep, volunteers at The ARTery will assist you in placing your art on the playa.
  • If you need help with your project check out our and connect with the Burning Man community and post a listing about what you’re looking for to make your creative dream a reality

It’s worth noting that most installations contain an interactive element, which allows participants to fully engage with the piece instead of viewing it from a safe distance as we are used to in our museum- and gallery-oriented world. Participants are encouraged to explore and interact with the art, and may well find themselves helping an artist to build a structure or performing some task to activate an art object. Touching, climbing, entering, spinning, engaging and exploring are encouraged.


1) What are your criteria?

  • Whether we like it.
  • Interactivity with participants and the environment. Interactive art is our particular obsession. Interactive work convenes society around itself. It generates roles. It provokes actions. It directs attention to the surrounding world. It transforms participants into active contributors to your creative process. It transcends the static conception of an art object that is contemplated by a detached audience.

Interaction may be achieved in a variety of ways. Sometimes, the mere act of encountering is sufficient, as in the case of work spread out within a special field of space that participants explore. Artwork may impart a gift or token. Likewise, works may be designed to receive something from people. Works may be activated by participants or by forces of nature, or they may function as social environments.

2) Which kind of does Burning Man NL Arts fund?

  • Interactive art
  • Mobile art – sculptures that move and do not act as a mutant vehicle

3) What does not get funded?

  • Performances, activities or workshops
  • DJs and amplified sound
  • Domes, tents, teepees, stages or other prefabricated structures
  • Mutant vehicles
  • Theme camps

4) How many grants are awarded?
Approximately 8-10 projects receive an honorarium. Note that nearly all of the art you will witness at WTSS is entirely paid for by participants themselves

5) If I receive an honorarium, how much will I receive?
This varies with particular projects. However, grants normally pay for only a portion of production costs. Artists should be ready to seek out and show proof of other methods and sources of funding. As a matter of policy, we also prefer that you develop various kinds of non-monetary or in-kind resources to help support your project. We believe that such an effort on your part encourages collaboration and cooperation within our extended community. If you need help with your project check out our and connect with the Burning Man community and post a listing of what you’re looking for to make your creative dream a reality.

 6) What expenses are eligible for funding?

  • Materials and supplies, including tools, consumables, hardware, fuel, and Leave No Trace supplies
  • Transportation of your art installation to and from the WTSS
  • Specialty services such as welding, laser cutting, etc.
  • Build space rental


  • WTSS tickets
  • Artist and crew transportation
  • Crew food
  • Camp supplies
  • Artist fees

7) Should I include the cost of tickets and fuel for my flame effects and generators in my proposal?
If awarded a grant, we will give you tickets for you and your crew to attend the event. We’ll work closely with you to identify how many are needed. There is no need for you to include ticket costs in your grant proposal. It’s very important that you include the estimated cost of fuel for any flame effects or generators used as a part of your installation. The estimated number of liters of these items should be part of your proposed budget. Note that there is a limited power grid available for honoraria artists to use. In most cases, the artist supplies their own power source. If power from BMNL is needed above this needs to be specified in your Art Application Form.

8) When and how will I receive money?
This will vary from project to project. A separate schedule of payment is developed for each artist. You will also be asked to sign a contract prior to receiving any funding. We withhold a performance deposit from your grant until after the event to ensure that you comply with Leave No Trace and to cover the cost of any resources you may purchase on the meadow (such as fuel).

9) Who is responsible for keeping my installation safe?
Burning Man believes strongly in radical self-reliance; it’s one of our Ten Principles. Ensuring your artwork does not physically harm anyone is a key responsibility of the artist. Rangers are on WtSS to help participants, not guard art, so it’s important that the artist creates safeguards for maintaining their art.

10) Would I need to buy insurance for my art installation?
Burning Man does not require insurance. However, some artists have sought to obtain insurance to cover their work on the playa. We as an organization are not responsible for any damages to your Art installation. 

11) I’d love to have my art installation in my camp and get an honorarium for it. Is that possible?
No. We fund art that is placed on the open meadow, so as many sheep at WtSS can enjoy it as possible.

12) What other benefits or help can I receive from Burning Man NL?
Aside from the essential spiritual satisfaction gained from creating your work, as well as showing it and sharing it with all the participants and very enthusiastic people, Burning Man NL can also furnish you with other opportunities. We are willing to provide you with support materials if you wish to approach outside agencies, media or suppliers for assistance. Installations, funded or not, will be featured on our website and in our Where the Sheep Sleep gate handout, the WhatWhereWhen guide.

13) Should I take pictures of my artwork?
Yes! At the event, photographers, amateur and professional, may also photograph your work. These appear in our Image Gallery, and in the art listings on our website. Where the Sheep Sleep is also covered by an international array of media. Burning Man NL Arts and the staff at Comms from Media Mecca help connect these journalists with artists.

14) Can I do art sales on WtSS?
Burning Man is a fertile meeting ground for artists and patrons of the arts. Although vending is strictly disallowed at the WtSS event, artists at Burning Man NL are free to encounter potential clients for their work in an environment free of agents, dealers or any of the other professional intermediaries who normally interpose themselves in the creative process. Burning Man with its international community is a radically unmediated environment and can yield unique opportunities.

15)How does my art get placed on the playa? How do I find my location?
We work closely with artists to identify where ideally their art installation should be placed on the open playa. We strive to support the artist’s goals and place their artwork where it best serves their artistic vision, while also taking into consideration the landscape and full experience of participants. Once you arrive on the meadow, our volunteer ARTery staff will assist you in placing your art at its assigned location.

 16) Does Burning Man NL provide heavy machinery I can use?
Although we prefer that you remain completely self-sufficient, our ARTery support team can assist you with heavy equipment if needed. All requests for this support should be included in your proposal. Don’t worry if you don’t know exactly what equipment you might need; we work closely with artists to identify what equipment works best and what’s available.

17) What is the process for applying for a grant?
A: The first step is to submit the Art Application form which must be submitted if you are interested in receiving funding. The Art Application form will open on April 30 and submissions are due July 20th. After filling in the Art Application form you will need to fill in the Art Honorarium Form to apply for a grant. This form will close on the 10thof July. Notifications will be sent max on 12thof July.

Late submissions, or submissions that have not gone through the Art Application and Honorarium application process, will not be considered. We will only review one version of a proposal, so make sure it’s your final version and that it includes all the required information. If you have more than one concept you’d like us to consider, you are welcome to submit more than one application, and then potentially submit more than one art grant proposal, if your applications are accepted into the grant process.

18) When will I know if I’ve been awarded a grant?
We will notify you as quick as possible so you can start your project if your work has been nominated. The ultimate deadline for the Honorarium Form is the 10thof July. The last announcement notification for grant winners is the 12thof July.

19) My question is not answered by above, how do I get more help?
Please contact us using arts@burningman.nl. Be sure to include specific details in your question.