You're invited to our Dutch Decompression event on November 12, at Radion in Amsterdam.

Burns are transformative…

They are places where you learn things about yourself, where your inner vision opens, your horizons expand. The Decom is here to celebrate the challenge that comes from change. And to hopefully soften the sometimes-rough landing…

The very basic core of a Burner’s spirit is their passion for adventure. The joy of life that comes from our encounters with new experiences. There is no greater thrill than to discover a changed horizon, to have a different sun for each new day.

Using these learnings and new horizons, we encourage you to contribute to this year’s philosophy. Create an artwork, performance or decoration that forecasts your future. Imagine alternative pasts which, branching off from what we know, create alternative realities. The horizon leans forward, offering you space to take new steps of change.


Post-Burn blues is real and Default World can be a bitch! So come celebrate, dance and express with us. Let’s go back in time and share what we learned at the Burns we visited. And together we’ll take steps forward and try something new.

What is a Decompression?

It will be an eve and night full of art, performances, surprises, hugs ‘nd hello’s and music.

Our Dutch Decompression event has occurred in November the past years, and anything afterwards is typically considered a warm-up for the next Burning Man. There has been an official Decompression Party hosted by the Burning Man organization since 1999. The Burning Man organization has since made the term “Decompression” a registered trademark.

Our Decompression parties are sometimes reminiscent of early Burning Man festivals due to their informality and smaller size.

The name comes from an analogy to diving, where decompression refers to a period of time spent by deep sea divers either in decompression chambers or at various depths on their way to the surface henceforth, gradually adjust to surface pressure in order to avoid the bends.

Participate in your wonderful personal way!

Everything you see, hear and experience at the Dutch Decompression are gifted by you, the Burner community. So do you have some sick spinning skillz, are you an amazing artist waiting to share, or a performer who takes breathes away..? This is your chance. Here you find all the forms to share your dream plans!

Shout out to all creative souls: Artist, Performers, Live musicians, DJs, VJs and Workshop leaders.  The deadline for all application forms is Monday October 31, 23:59.

One Burner one shift

The Dutch Decompression is an entirely participant-driven event. The participants make the event what it is. That means YOU are in charge of your own experience! During the event, we have many shifts to fill! One burner one shift (at the minimum)

Build-Deco indoor/outdoor 2022
All hands on deck to help us create a magical venue for our Decom. If you won’t be able to do the full time slot but still be able to help, just sign-up and let us know 🙂

Fluffers 2022
Making sure all the volunteers get hydrated and fed

Greeters and Ticket Scanners 2022
Would you like to welcome people at the gate, check them in to Dutch Decompression 2022, check tickets & ID’s, explain the principles to virgins and overall make all participants feel AT HOME? Then this is your team!

Consent Angel
As a Consent Angel, you will assist our beautiful community with all things regarding Consent Culture. Engage, inform, and spark conversations around Consent and the 10 Principles of Burning Man. You aren’t expected to know everything, but some basic knowledge and a curious heart is super appreciated. There will be angel wings for you to wear if you wish so that everyone knows who you are – optional of course but encouraged! Help to set the tone and co-create a safe space for all burners!

Welfare Dreamscape 2022
Welfare provides a safe empathic space for anyone who may be overwhelmed or distressed for any reason whatsoever. Volunteers with experience in harm reduction, psycare or psychotherapy will get preference, we strongly encourage novices to apply and you will be shown the ropes by our experienced team. You are signing up for a 2-hour shift during the night time part of the event. You will be asked to complete a volunteer information form to assist us creating the best experience for all. Please contact with any queries.

Strike 2022
All handS on deck ! Breakdown/Build down, MOOP and Leave No Trace. Strike – would you like to help dismantle the event after all the fun is over! This is a valuable and important role in ensuring we dismantle and remove everything we bring and build