Amsterdam * November 25 * 2023

You're invited to our Dutch Decompression event on November 25, at Radion in Amsterdam.

Burns are transformative…

They are places where you learn things about yourself, where your inner vision opens, your horizons expand. The Decom is here to celebrate the challenge that comes from change. And to hopefully soften the sometimes-rough landing…

The very basic core of a Burner’s spirit is their passion for adventure. The joy of life that comes from our encounters with new experiences. There is no greater thrill than to discover a changed horizon, to have a different sun for each new day.

Using these learnings and new horizons, we encourage you to contribute to this year’s philosophy. Create an artwork, performance or decoration that forecasts your future. Imagine alternative pasts which, branching off from what we know, create alternative realities. The horizon leans forward, offering you space to take new steps of change.

Post-Burn blues is real and Default World can be a bitch! So come celebrate, dance and express with us. Let’s go back in time and share what we learned at the Burns we visited. And together we’ll take steps forward and try something new.

What is a Decompression?

Get ready for an exciting evening and night filled with art, performances, surprises, friendly encounters, and music! Our Dutch Decompression event usually happens in November (this year: November 25 2023) and serves as a sort of cool-down for the past Burning Man events.

The idea of Decompression parties started with the Burning Man organization back in 1999, and they even trademarked the term “Decompression.” These parties have a relaxed and intimate atmosphere, reminiscent of the early days of Burning Man.

The name “Decompression” is inspired by deep-sea diving, where divers spend time in decompression chambers or at different depths on their way to the surface. This gradual ascent helps them adjust to surface pressure and avoid health issues like the bends. Similarly, our Decompression event helps participants transition back to the “default world” after the intense experience of Burning Man.

Participate in your wonderful personal way!

Everything you see, hear and experience at the Dutch Decompression are gifted by you, the Burner community. So do you have some sick spinning skillz, are you an amazing artist waiting to share, or a performer who takes breathes away..? This is your chance. Here you find all the forms to share your dream plans!

This year’s theme: ARTIFISION

A(I) Vision where the Minds & Machines Merge

How could AI help me organize the Decom? The Dutch Decompression. Here, you find some words on the philosophy and thought leaders regarding the theme to inspire and inform about ARTIFISION, the AI-Edition. And investigate to be more effective with AI so to gain more time to rest and reflect. They are changing the perception of time to a creative brainwash!  Please read more about the theme here!