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The Burning Man NL Summer Event

Where the Sheep Sleep July 26-30 2018


Press & Media

Information about Where the Sheep Sleep 2019


Burning Man NL presents the fourth edition of our summer event Where the Sheep Sleep at the Zeewolde (in The Netherlands).

Where the Sheep Sleep (WtSS) is a participatory event from June 26th (3pm) until July 1 (noon) 2019 and will not be open to spectators.

The purpose of “Where the Sheep Sleep” is to dream together and create a reality that we won’t forget. A reality rooted in the values expressed by the Ten Principles of Burning Man, a reality manifested through art, communal effort, and innumerable individual acts of self-expression.

Unlike many festivals, Where the Sheep Sleep is an entirely participant-driven event. The participants make the event what it is. We have no spectators, only co-creators at the event.

We follow the 10 principles as a guideline for how we behave against each other as participants. These are not rules, but rather a source of inspiration and a guideline that you are supposed to take to you heart and interpret for yourself.

For press & media

Burning Man Netherlands – “Where the Sheep Sleep” is a private event, and photographers, videographers and documentarians wishing to capture images intended for public distribution are required to submit a proposal and sign agreements prior to the event.

Approval to shoot images at Where the Sheep Sleep is not approval to exhibit or distribute.

Completed projects are reviewed by the Burning Man NL Communications Team and receive written permission before they can be distributed publicly. In short, no public use of any image may be made without this written consent.

To apply to cover this Burning Man NL event, you can submit a Media Project Proposal. Deadline to apply for a professional media project is Friday June 7th. We strongly recommend registering as early as possible after the form opens up. We limit the number of professional cameras allowed at Where the Sheep sleep and projects are approved on a rolling basis, so you’ll have a better chance of receiving approval if you apply well before the deadline.

We only grant permission to a small percentage of media projects. By providing the most detailed information possible on your registration form, you can help us make an informed decision about your project.

Thank you! We look forward hearing from you!

If you have any questions you may contact us at media@burningman.nl