On April 1 (no joke) 2017, Burning Man Netherlands presented:

the Art Jump Mixer & EQUINOX spring party @ Blijburg, Amsterdam

Art is the heart of everything
In 2017, we combined 2 events that had Art in the heart:
– the Art Jump Mixer, where we honored our supportive community when we finalize the Art Jump‘s online auction and announce the Art Grants;
– followed by the Equinox which we transformed into an intimate party for all supporters. Equinox is our spring community event.

We left the mixer and Equinox inspired for the coming Burning year with new friends, new ideas and a sense that the impossible can become real.


Mark spring and ramp up for WtSS

Equinox is our spring community event! So, ramp up your radical self-expression and join artists, freethinkers, performers, theme camps, and friends at this creative party to encourage arts collaboration in the NL region at Where the Sheep Sleep and mark the spring of our Burning year!

The aftermovie of the Art Jump & Equinox 2017


  • Reflections of the deep
  • Ze Duck
  • LoopyFroots with Sandhya Sanjana and Fabio Mangianello
  • DJ Egbert Jan Weeber
  • Soulfire act
  • Art Jump Finale presentation 
  • DJ Luciano  
  • Burn of the Mini Midnight Burning Man act
  • Symphony on Fire act 
  • Rusty
  • DJ Bjorn

Equinox 2017

Equinox 2016