ArtJump 2023

Creative & Communal (free) Gathering

Date: April 1, 2017 (before the Equinox)
Location: Blijburg – de Kapel
Time: 8.30 pm – 10 pm
For whom: our dreamweavers

A little while ago, at the Burn pub in January 2017 we launched the ArtJump. A fundraiser platform from which we wish to support and celebrate Burn inspired art and artists. We hoped to finalize the auction and ‘grant finale’ with a dinner (the Art Jump Gathering), but we believe this platform needs to grow first.

We DO however, want to honor the artists and bring a live ending to the silent auction, present the grants and join together in creativity and high spirits…

That’s why Burning Man NL has made an extra effort to gift an hour and a half mixer to the community. This mixer will happen right before the Equinox spring party (same location, 10pm).

So let us welcome you and join our community’s limitless imagination and inspiration and spark another year of ingenious, innovative, and remarkable works of art and community involvement together!

Share your ideas or art and performances virtual, live or just in spirit. Meet up for ‘Where the sheep sleep 2017’ and find out about our vision for Art Exchange within our European Burning Man community: the ArtJump.

What to expect at the Art Jump mixer (8.30 till 10pm, no playa time!):

  • Fabelhaft music that suits the atmosphere
  • Presentation of the ArtJump project
  • Honoring the artists
  • Live ending to the silent ArtJump auction
  • Presenting the ArtJump 2017 grants
  • Creativity and high spirits…
  • Meet up for Where the Sheep Sleep 2017
  • The opportunity to share your ideas, art or performances

To keep the spark going thru the night, join the EQUINOX  party afterwards! Time: 10pm till 3am, same location.


Because we want to honor you – our dreamweavers – tickets for both the ArtJump Mixer and the Equinox spring party are limited, but free. The only thing you need to pay is the tibbaa-fee (1 euro).
However, you DO need a ticket to get access to the mixer and/or party!

Click here to get your free ticket for the Art Jump mixer and Equinox party (limited availability).


With an evening where art is at the heart of everything, there are many ways to participate and share your thoughts, ideas & magical skills. Think of:

Questions: Please contact

The aftermovie of 2017:


  • Reflections of the deep
  • Ze Duck
  • LoopyFroots with Sandhya Sanjana and Fabio Mangianello
  • DJ Egbert Jan Weeber (from 20:30)
  • Soulfire act
  • Art Jump Finale presentation – 21:00 – 21:30 (interviews with the artists, grants announcement (jury + peoples choice), finalizing auction)
  • DJ Luciano  
  • Burn of the Mini Midnight Burning Man act
  • Symphony on Fire act with Rusty
  • Soulfire Act
  • DJ Bjorn