Burning Pub

Burning Pub

At this moment there are three locations in The Netherlands where Burning Pubs are frequently organized: Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Wageningen.

All Burning Pubs are organized by community members and will be announced/shared on our facebookpage.

Stay informed about the next Burning Pub.

Burning Pub Amsterdam

Every second Thursday of the month you are very welcome to join us at our Burning Pub in Amsterdam, Radion () starting at 19:00. Our pub is the place to meet other Burners, Newbies and Virgins Burners or people that show interest in the Burning Man principles.Our pub is an excellent way to get to know the Community in the Netherlands and learn about Burning Man and her network. It is so much more than just that thing in the desert. We Burners love storytelling and we do that one on one during our Pub but each month we also have guest speakers sharing their experience or story on for example Afrika Burn, Nowhere, Art projects, [Freespace] etc. We challenge the community to participate and become our next guest speaker and share with us your story!

Burning Pub Rotterdam

Every last Friday of the month at 19:30, there’s a Burning Pub in Rotterdam for all local (and national, and international) Burners to meet, share and have fun.

Location is different each time, and exact time and place will be announced on facebook.

burningpubwageningen logo

Burning Pub Wageningen

Every first Friday of the month at 19:30, we welcome you at the Burning Pub in THUIS Wageningen (Stationsstraat 32). The translation of THUIS is Home. We change this public living room into our own pub, where you can bring your own food and drinks (spirits not allowed).

Every month there will be small workshops, art and pictures, brought by the Burner community or other creatives. Each Burning Pub night will be announced on their facebookpage.

THUIS is a space for everyone: for all you veteran Burners, newbies and virgin burners out there. But also for the community of Wageningen, to give something in return. We really love to share stories about our experiences of Afrika Burn, Nowhere and Burning Man and like to hear about your adventures in the desert.

And when you like to ask questions about events or like to participate: please do! Feel free to make the community even more beautiful <3.

Burning Man is not a festival. It’s a catalyst for creative culture in the world.