The Arts

The Arts Program

The Mission of the Arts Program of Burning Man Netherlands (BMNL) is to change the paradigm of art from a commodified object to an interactive, participatory, shared experience of creative expression.
Activities in the art program may include facilitating creative self-expression by encouraging people to integrate art with daily personal and public life in ways that are interactive and collaborative, promoting social architecture, and providing opportunities for people to create and display mobile and wearable art (such as art cars, art bikes, and art clothing). BMNL will accomplish that through art grants, art exhibitions, art festivals, public art placement, directories and catalogues of art and artists who work in this genre, and by other means. Burning Man the Netherlands will collaborate with Burning Man (USA) in a mutually supportive manner.

Below are some examples of our efforts to stimulate art and art exchange.

Art Exchange: Be part of the heart

The first Art Exchange is a fact. During a Burner Pub in Wageningen in The Netherlands, a few enthusiastic burners from the Arnhem area formed the idea of this project. They worked together on three big hearts with the title “Be part of the heart”. It was first shown at the Dutch Decompression Party 2016.

“We are inspired by mirror art, where interaction arises between people and an art object. Also Robot Heart at Burning Man was a source of inspiration for the shape of the hearts. We would like to bring the hearts outside the borders of The Netherlands, so more people can become ‘part of the heart’ .”

To give the community the chance to make the heart travel, “Be part of the heart” has therefore been granted an Art Exchange fee from Burning Man Netherlands.

The Hearts installation travelled already from The Netherlands to Paris, to shine at the PRE and the AFTER party of Burning Night Paris 2016.