Arrival and Exodus

(Entrance) control

Visitors are responsible to discard any non permitted items outside of the event terrain. There will be no seizure depot for temporary storage of these items, nor to throw them out. When it entails illegal substances or materials, they will be seized and will not be returned to the visitor in question.

When entering the premises, all luggage, cars, caravans and campers are subject to search for illegal materials such as weapons and drugs. Security officers will also conduct a personal check through superficial touch of clothes, pockets, bags and sometimes shoes. Frisking is also a possibility. Refusal of the above mentioned control procedures will lead to an official ban to enter the event.

RV Campsite

RV camping spots are exclusively for campers, caravans and folding trolleys that comply with the official demands as listed by the ‘Wegenverkeerswet en de Regeling Voertuigen”. (Temporary) remodeled vehicles such as vans and station cars do not apply and will therefore not be allowed on the RV campsite.  

All vehicles will be registered upon arrival; should you leave your caravan, camper or folding trolley behind after the event finishes, the vehicle will be removed and the owner of the vehicle will be liable for all accompanying costs. Gas installations are only allowed for APK-approved campers, for which the valid APK papers should be present and presentable to the officers in question.

For access to the RV campsite an additional RV Ticket is needed and is limited to availability. Other vehicles, such as cars, are not allowed on the RV camp site and will have to be parked on the official parking area.

No additional parking tickets are needed for pulling cars.

As campers and caravans are heavy and we would like to prevent that problems arise by vehicles getting stuck when leaving the terrai , all vehicles will be directed to the right entrance gate and placed on their spot under guidance by the organization. When necessary, levelers will be placed to limit the mud. Keep into consideration that this process could take longer than normal to arrive at your designed camping spot.

RV Ticket

The purchase of an RV ticket grants you access to a RV stand space of 30m2, applicable for 1  caravan, camper or folding trolley. In addition to the maximun of one additional tent, as long as the RV space of 30 sqm is not exceeded.

Motor cyclists

Motor cyclists have the option: an RV Ticket provides a camping space for two motorcycles and one tent or two tents and 1 motor cycle. But you could also place your motor in the parking area, then no RV Ticket is needed.

Car Parking

Parking is only allowed on the designed parking terrain. Cars or other vehicles that are parked outside this terrain can and will be removed by the local authorities and all accompanying costs will be billed to the registered owner.


The campsites need to be vacated and completely clean following the Leave no Trace principle, Monday July 31. by 12:00 p.m. at the latest.  Exodus is expected to be busy, so start packing all your stuff timely and definitely before 10:00 a.m. Sleepy heads will be woken by the organization from 09:00 a.m.

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