How can I volunteer?
Where the Sheep Sleep is a participatory event, meaning that without the energy, devotion and participation from our community, this event isn’t possible. We need Rangers, Greeters, MOOP sweepers, Builders&Strikers and Educators! So please register and gift your time on one of the shifts! 

How many can attend at “Where the Sheep Sleep”?
Approximately 750 people attended in 2016, but we expect to grow organically over the years so we will have more participants each year. The amount of people we can gather on our 2017 grounds is about 1000 people.

Where can I get an event membership?
The membership program is closed in April 2017. It’s not possible to buy event memberships anymore. If Where the Sheep Sleep isn’t sold out, non-event members can buy tickets in the main open sale.

The Event Membership program will be closed and changed into ‘Friends of Burning Man Netherlands’ after December 2017.

More information concerning the closing of the event member program here.

Is my ticket personal?
Your name as buyer of the ticket is stated on each ticket you secured. In that way your tickets are personal. Every participant needs their own ticket and a valid and legal ID to be shown at the gate. Tickets are scanned at the gate and transferred into a wristband. After scanning the ticket becomes invalid. Attending without your ID and a valid ticket is a threat to the legal status of the entire event, and risk us getting shut down completely.

How many people can I get a ticket for?
Everyone who receives a personal invite (as event member) has the opportunity to register one more person, providing there are still tickets left. In the open sale you can secure only one ticket per person and you need to register with your real and full name and emailaddress.

Can I transfer event tickets?
Yes. It is possible to transfer your ticket to someone else if you are not able to attend after all. You will be allowed to resell your ticket(s) at face value, or you can gift a ticket. Tickets can be used only once; when a ticket is scanned at the gate it will become unvalid immediately after scanning. The owner of the ticket will be given a wristband for entrance for the event.

Can I get free access through the grant process?
No, nobody gets free access, it’s a participatory event so everyone that joins WtSS need to get themselves a ticket. Only event participants/ticketholdersd can apply for Art and other grants. You have to obtain a ticket for the event first, like everyone else.

Do I need a parking or RV ticket too?
Yes. A limited amount of RV and parking tickets are available. We also encourage all of our sheep to minimise their carbon footprint by car sharing and public transportations. There will be shuttle buses to take you or your luggage to the eventsite from the parking area, which is a nature reserve and not accessible by car. RV’s do have access to the event site (follow the signs), but only if they have a valid RV-ticket and if they have ‘APK’ proof and an oil-proof container to collect any possible leakage from the motor of their RV.

Where does the money of the ticket sales go to?
First, to cover some necessary costs; rent, permits, power, toilets, transport, safety arrangements and some other small things. The rest of the money will go towards Art Grants. As a participant you will be able to apply for grants to cover expenses but they need to be confirmed by the organizational team first. Your (Art) Lead can inform you on this process.

Can underage co-creators attend?
Children up to 12 years participate for free, for children between 12 and 18 years old there’s a special kids ticket for 10 euro. They are recognizable by a different colour wristband since they cannot be served alcohol or cigarettes. Kids under the age of 18 may only participate accompanied by a legal guardian!