Where the Sheep Sleep 2017

Gate opens on: Thursday 27th of July @3 pm
Exodus on: Monday 31st of July @12:00pm (noon)

This is Where the Sheep Sleep!

A transformative event needs a special environment… it’s to be found deep in the woods of the Dutch Veluwe… A place for amazement, creativity and community!

This year, Where the Sheep Sleep will be held on the beautiful Bosweide inside Park Berg & Bos in Apeldoorn.

Green slopes, majestic trees and even a tranquil spot for our Temple: Berg & Bos has everything our Sheeps need for a weekend of dreamed reality.

Berg & Bos is part of a nature reserve and is granted to us, thanks to our continuous effort in Leaving No Trace and cleaning all MOOP. This does however limits the use of open fires and amplified music at night. Other than that, it’s the perfect spot for this Burn Event where we invite all co-dreamers that want to make their dreams a reality.


With a self-reliant event like this, you need to take care of yourself and your own needs. So preparations are needed! Please read the survival guide carefully and act like it.

Bring sealable bags to separate waste and take it back home, buy wetties to wash yourself (or not, whatever you feel like ;-)), bring food, drinks, shelter, water, sleeping gear and your sparkling self (there are no foodtrucks on site people!), have your tickets downloaded and ready. And much much more to think of.

So, click & scroll and consume it all!


In the meantime, the planning & organizing of such a great event is picking up pace quickly. And with that we really mean FAST. Oh my, the things that need to be done before we can spend this fantastic weekend together!

  • Volunteers
    To all Greeters, Moopers, Rangers, Builders&Strikers alike: we have opened our online registry. Please sign in and apply to one of the many volunteer shifts. We made it super easy to select your skillset AND time slot you’re available to lend a hand!Where the Sheep Sleep is a participatory event, meaning that without the energy, devotion and participation from our community, this event isn’t possible. So please register and gift your time on one of the shifts!
  • Wolf Rangers
    The Wolf rangers are volunteers and dedicated to the safety of the participants of Where the Sheep Sleep. Their responsibilities and duties are to provide immediate access to emergency services, inform participants about hazards & safety issues, address and report any instances of non-consensual physical interaction, observe interactions between participant and outside agencies as needed or mediate situations and/or disputes between participants if such would occur. Please apply here.

Where the Sheep Sleep is an event that needs a lot of preps and planning. To help you out, here are additional dates to mark in your calendar, so you know what to expect:

  • May 10: Start ticket sale for BM NL event members (max 2 tickets per person).
  • May 12: Opening of applications forms for artists, theme camps, performances, music and volunteers
  • May 18: Start open sale for wanna-be sheeps!
  • July 10: Final entry date for GRANTS for the Temple
  • July 17: Final entry date for ThemeCamp, Art applications Music & Performance 
  • July 18: Final entry date or What-where-when guide


Events of Burning Man Netherlands exist solely by the artistry, creativity and radical participation of the community, existing of people of all ages. To ensure and protect the quality of the Burning Man core principles and ethos during our events, we have chosen to grow the community organically. Just like our big brother in the United States, which started small on a San Francisco beach.

Our 2016 Summer Event Where the Sheep Sleep was awesome… Click here to visit the event page to relive some amazing memories!

There you find some official photos (credits: Huybert & Brenda) and the aftermovie (credits: Cameltown).

Burning Man is not a festival. It’s a catalyst for creative culture in the world.