The theme camp application form is now closed. That does not mean you cannot form an amazing theme camp with your friends, only that we cannot place you anymore close to electricity or other needs. But you can always mail Ronald@burningman.nl for late entry!

Theme camps!

Below you find a list of all the registered themecamps for Where the Sheep Sleep 2017.

Any info on whether they are open for campmembers and exciting info about their plans and creative outbursts will be updated on the go…

(If you are a camp lead: just send pics, vids, texts and other illustrative audiovisual info with the name of your theme camp to comms @burningman.nl and we will update it here!)


We just love to make art and give people that everlasting remembrance. We shoot people in a professional photostudio; we take photographs of those who want their portrait taken as an everlasting memory of those crazy days ;-). We shoot anything from portret to pique and in the evening hours we transform to NO BOOM BOOM and serve you the finest moonshine booze. We make you dance until you drop and celebrate music through all times. We play FUNK, PUNK, ROCK, JAZZ …. anything but NO BOOM BOOM!

We are a happy if we part as friends for life and beyond…

  • Open for (some) new camp members; since we are 8 males to 3 females, female participants of any age do have our attention a bit more. We all chip in 125 euro’s camp fee, including everything – except an entrance ticket of course.
  • Contact


The camp will be home to the Poflove mobile ‘poffertjes’ car that will move around the terrain and let people enjoy baking and eating the Dutch treat ‘poffertjes‘. When we’re not out with the poflove car, it can be found in our camp to get fixed, cleaned or chill. We also offer communal space via a couple of larger tents, so you can chill with us in the case of a mild or heavy shower :).

50)'(50 Camp

Meet us:

Barbie Death Camp & Wine Bistro (bar Cantina Vida) – The Netherlands

(official licensed from the original founders/mayors)

We have a piano, instant pillow fight, you’ve won WTSS, bodypainting workshop and workshop 50 ways to shape the perfect society pushed body :-). We are a daytime bar and we will serve pancakes on the last morning! Barbie Death Camp and Wine Bistro is the best damned camp on the playa, where membership has its benefits…


Family Friendly Bubbly Kids Heaven. Fleur wanted to take her 5 year old son, and she knows the needs of families can differ from night party owls. Expect kids heaven. There will be some toys, craft materials, a play tipi, dress-up clothes, facepaint, childrens books, etc.

If you are looking for a family friendly theme camp, a fun place to burn with your kiddo’s… this is the place to be. We are a first year theme camp so we can totally set this up together! We will make a logo and maybe some other cool branding/gadgets/gifts/whatever. FUN! FUN! FUN! ART! ACTIVITIES AND FUN! (Did we say FUN already?!). But also a safe-haven. A place to relax and chill when you are in need of a little quiet spot. We will respect the sleeping lambs, so they can fully enjoy the adventures that lay ahead! Most kids are up a bit earlier than the night-time-party-people. It is good to have a place where they are able to have a giggle without disturbing the snoring sheep too much. Together we can make sure there is fruits and kid-friendly meals are available. Games, chill corner, creativity corner, face paint, etc. etc. etc. Come in and see what else we are planning.

We want everyone to feel confident and excited to bring their kids the coming years. To secure the spirit of diversity, not only in colour, gender, status or religion but also in age.

  • Open for new camp members; we are just with seven now (3 adults and 4 kids). Although seven is the number of “perfection, security, safety and rest”, we would sure like some more families to join and participate!
  • Contact (facebook group)

Wolf&Tiger Sanatorium

Tyger&Wolf Sanatorium

A first world war field hospital where tired sheep can come and relax. There is a centre bar where healing elixers will be served with psychedelic blinky-lights on the ceiling. At the same time our guests are asked to share and write down their inner feelings & experiences, making it a growing installation of healing, closure and moving forward. The Wolf&Tiger crew will do their best to help everybody out!

Thunder Burners – The Contradiction

Thunder Burners, the active burners of the Wageningen area in the Netherlands make their own camp this year! We met during a night full of thunder, lightning and fireworks and organize the monthly Wageningen Burner Pub. We are also the spirits behind the ‘Be Part of the Heart’-art project. In the spirit of the Ten Principles we welcome all sheep in our camp. We’ve got our own turntable and a unique bar, the Period Bar, which serves all kinds of Bloody Mary’s and will be turned into a small postoffice every now and then. We’ll make magic with deco, a fireplace, the enlightened Burner Pub sign, and facepaint. Thunder Burner Richard brings his art car (V-Gina 2.0) and we will perform Thunderstruck by AC/DC if you are lucky enough to encounter us.

Expect contradictions and contrast, serendipity, a place to chill & relax bit also high-tech experiments (environmental friendly)!

  • Open for new camp members, no fees – only shifts for the bar and MOOP
  • Contact

La La Lamb

Growing up can hurt sometimes. Camp La La Lamb brings you back to your childhood. We have a ball pool for grown ups. We will paint your face and do other bubbly things you loved to do when you where young!

  • Open for new camp members
  • Contact

walhalla camp wtss 2016


Themecamp Walhalla is heaven on earth where even the unexpected can be expected. We set up the best clothing boutique, a wine bar, a floor for YOU to give or join workshops and a stage for some Dirty nagging’ Blues. We fart sparkles so we need your blue notes too. Come in, write down your troubles and we’ll blues/jam them away! You can even expect some AfrikaBurn’s vibes in here as well.

  • Open for new camp members
  • Contact

DMV – Department of Mutant Vehicles

We have a blurred vision and no expectations. We are happy as long as the fire is burning. And maybe some flame effects. Driving around with our own art car Rusty is our main goal and this theme camp will be the needed parking place and the garage to fix stuff.

Camp Leather & Eis

Come and make your own WTSS leather bracelet while enjoying some ice cream.


We are The Hive Collective and Soulfire Netherlands combined into the spectacle that is Soul Hive. We bring quality music in various genres and performers from all walks of life to compliment it. We bring entertainment with performances by acrobats, dancers, fire breathers and fire artists. These specialties will be shown at our creative stage built by our own hands with the help of our loving volunteers and close friends. Our vision of the stage is to make a 360 degrees stage with speakers all around. On all sides there will be a different setup to party, relax, eat or party some more. Our stage will be decorated with hand crafted work like large fake flowers and plants from different kind of materials. We will also want to make these fake plants and the hive itself UV reactant so that at night we can provide a silent disco area for the festival and turn it into a psychedelic place where people can meet, relax, and enjoy all that is Where The Sheep Sleep.


Lay down and relax, flow with the echo’s of live performed music and join in.

Burning Man is not a festival. It’s a catalyst for creative culture in the world.